Why Chic?

"Vegan" used to be a term easily synonymous with hippy-dippy, granola-crunchy, tree-huggers. That was so yesteryear, nowadays, there are so many fabulous options in fashion & beauty to be cruelty-free & chic, why wouldn't you embrace it?

Obviously, vegans could wear paperbags (technically vegan) and still feel good about what they are doing for the animals, but it's especially important for vegans to be as fab as possible- just to show the world that being vegan does not mean one has to skimp on good taste, just lose that taste for cruelty filled products.. 

There's nothing cute about wearing anyone (human or animal) else's skin but your own. And there is nothing glamorous about brutally tortured & horrifically murdered fur-bearing animals for one's own vanity. Get educated about how that little bit of 'fashionable' frivolity such as fur trim comes to be, brace yourself because it's so horrific & inhumane that your soul will shrivel. There is nothing pretty about using animals for fashion or beauty, so let's stop going to that dark place and embrace compassion- it's so easy!

Being chic means exuding your own brand of self-confidence and there's nothing more chic than living your life to its fullest vegan possibility.

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