Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini Rant on Vegan Scandal & Yummy Food

It's been a weird couple of days- but thankfully I can blame it on mercury being in retrograde! For those of you not familiar with this dreaded astrological happening- the planet, Mercury rules communication...when the planet retrogrades, there are setbacks, communication & electronics tend to break down or go strangely wrong, miscommunication & confusion rules. And yes lucky for us (insert sarcasm), Mercury retrogrades a few times during the year...

So of course, no surprise that the huge VegNews scandal and their non-apologetic apology would occur in the midst of Mercury in retrograde. I'm not here to bash VegNews- I produce photo shoots. They cost a pretty penny. However, I think most of us were left seriously wanting in terms of an apology. Their response was inadequate- citing cost as a reason to use actual meat/fish/animal based food stock photos is one thing but they simply could have noted that these were stock photos that contain animal product & not actual results from the recipe listed. They also misused the stock photo agreement by not crediting the photos as well. What's most upsetting is the cavalier attitude of deception & the fact that they were involved in a bit of a coverup. They had a chance to come clean & say, you know what guys- we totally messed up & we are exploring other options such as asking vegan food bloggers to contribute food photos for editorial credit, etc. A true sincere apology from VegNews would be widely embraced by the vegan community, not - sorry we got caught & we're sorry that you found out response. I believe that VegNews needs to step up, not gloss over it & prays that it goes away. Thought the best coverage on this scandal is this: VegNews Mess via lolcats!

Update: Finally, they heard us! Read the actual VegNews apology!

On a more fun note, I found a cute new small studio for castings! The only downside is the leather couch, shaggy lambskin pillow & cow hide on the floor- sads & ewww. Animals skin, fur & hides are so not cool & super creepy if you gave it any thought.
I love when models come to castings with their little animal companions- you know how it's always been said that people look like their animal companions? What I didn't get a pic of was the model in her grey sweatshirt- yep, she & pup matched!!! It was too cute.

Another fun discovery last week was Calexico in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! We are always in search of Mexican food in or near the 'hood & lucky for us, Greenpoint is so close. Calexico started out with a taco cart in NYC and has now branched into two brick & mortar spots in Brooklyn. It's the perfect combo for this omni/vegan couple! There is only one main vegan protein- the tofu asado, but it's truly delicious and I'm thankful for it. 

There were also a bunch of other vegan yummies like their three salsa sampler- roasted tomato salsa, tomatillo salso & my absolute fave- pumpkin seed arbol- roasted pumpkin seeds& arbol chile, garlic, onion, good!
Here's my tofu asado w/ vegan avocado crema- make sure you hold the cheese! Tofu was marinated to perfection.
We also had watercress salad with jicama & grapefruit:
The black beans & red rice are vegan- the beans had a different taste to it, hard to pinpoint- tasted a bit licorice-y, but once mixed with red rice, it was all good- (again make sure they don't do the sneaky cheese sprinkle!)
The space was also nicely done- casual, but warm & a great place to go with omnis and still get a delicious vegan meal. This place is a definite score!
Have a great week & if any confusion, miscommunication, frustration & drama occurs just know that Mercury is in retrograde and that is a reminder to slow down & take things in stride because this too shall pass.


blessedmama said...

So weird about VegNews. I hadn't heard what happened yet, so I'll follow your link.

dirtyduck said...

i didnt like their odd behavior either.i understand the need to make money but they made zero effort to comfort anybody that felt deceived. their one job was to promote animal cruelty awarness through recipes and info...

im going to go look at my pictures, see if i look like any of those furbabies that have taken over my house.

SaraJane said...

What I don't understand about the whole VegNews thing is how many awesome, professional looking photos there are out there on sites like Flickr and the like. Most of us who blog would be thrilled to have our photos featured in a magazine and I think many would all them to use the photos via creative commons or even for a similar rate to what they've been paying for the meat photos. It's all so weird.

I agree with you, though, they really should have made more of an effort with their apology. It's a letdown to say the least.

VeggieGirl said...

I've had issues with VegNews for years (even as a vegan), so this is just one more step for the magazine in the wrong direction. :(

jesse.anne.o said...

I have only been to the Red Hood Calexico but it was good! I always forget about it.

The VegNews thing was totally bunk - how it was handled by them included.

Susan G said...

I was thinking I had never been to a Mexican restaurant with any vegan food, but I forgot about Salsa Salsa. If you ever take a road trip out east to Port Jefferson, they have great tofu tacos, black bean soup, and of course, salsa!

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