Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy Bee: Castings & Photo Shoots & Eating

Hope everyone has been enjoying the transitioning spring weather! Perfect timing for the nicer weather for me since it's been a busy time filled with meetings, castings & shoots and honestly, I am loathe to leave my office/apt in nasty, NYC winters...

On a recent casting, I ran into two vegan models- have seen these girls for years, but only just discovered they were vegan while casting for Pinnacle Magazine- Reinvent the Icon , the anti-fur magazine & website.

Emily looked amazing in the VPL shoot, didn't she? Fab VPL designer, Victoria Bartlett designed accessories out of human hair. Here's Emily from another casting showing all that cruelty free is simply beautiful!
 And then there's Karolina B. who is as stunning as she is vegan:
Those girls were definitely the highlight of my casting. Am always on the lookout for more vegan models now with this amazing anti-fur magazine pushing ahead! Okay, now getting back to my real-world work...once the rounds of castings & callbacks with clients are done, we can move forward to the actual shoot days at the studio.

We happen to love a certain studio down in Tribeca- the aptly named Tribeca Skyline Studios. Stunning views from the studio:

I tried to sneak a few shots of the shoot going on, but a lot of my clients are hush-hush and do not want any pics taken of their I took pics of the studio instead. Here's the makeup station- hair had a whole other side which was double in size:
The studio that we rent is actually two studios put together- megastudio...
The biggest distraction shooting in studio is food. Everyone is always snacking & eating if they are not on-set. Luckily for me, this catering day was full of veggie yummies that I could partake in!

There was edamame- which they fried in chili oil, good but honestly, I liked my edamame steamed & lightly salted, but listen, I was not complaining. When everyone snacked on non-vegan cookies at the end of the day, I had more edamame!
Love when sushi days at the studio as well, the photographer is allergic to fish- so there is never fishy sushi & always veggie sushi- SCORE!
There was also a lightly steamed veggie bowl of cauliflower, carrots, snowpeas, drizzled with soy sauce & topped with sprouts & sesame seeds.
The salad of radicchio, cukes, celery & bell peppers was refreshing!
And the shallot, veggie rice was wonderfully carb-y!
With these shoots, there usually is always a salad & a side of vegetables- sometimes even tofu. This was definitely a good lunch day for the vegan in the studio! Now if this was a shoot that I was producing, I would normally have the caterers prepare a small vegan entree just for me...

Okay, lunch is over-now back to the studio tour, there's a table outside for meetings & castings:
And a couch for the waiting area, also good for napping if need be:

TV & magazines if models or clients get bored, though I have never seen anyone actually watching TV here...
A coffee bar, that doubles as an actual bar whenever the space is rented for events:
End of day, sunset views:
The set is broken down:

And someone has been patiently waiting for her owner to say "let's go home!":
Makeup station packed up & everyone's gone:
And that meant time for me to leave the studio & meet a friend for dinner nearby! We decided to check out Mexican Radio since it had good vegan options. I had been here years before in my pre-vegan days & I'm pretty sure they didn't have vegan options then....but I can't believe that I didn't know they have vegan options now!! Turns out that the owners- the guy is an omni & the girlfriend/wife is vegan. Was thrilled to pieces! It's a casual Tex-Mex place in Nolita, but it's not inexpensive...but who cares? They have vegan options for most dishes on the menu!

We started with some garlicky guacamole and drinks, but quickly moved on to the good stuff.
Check out my Plaintain Rellenos stuffed with Seitan, covered in soy cheese & tofu sour cream- it was so good. The seitan was so tender- it was just perfect.
They even knew not to sprinkle cheese on the rice & beans side dish because they know vegan! A lot of times at Mexican places, I tell them no cheese & they only remember on the entrees...the rice & beans were just okay.
My friend & I were stuffed, so we definitely had leftovers to take home. Made for a perfect lunch the next day! Studio days are not too bad these days....


Theresa said...

Ooh yum, good Mexican food is something I haven't had in a while. Exciting to see the behind the scenes at a photo shoot, too!

VeggieGirl said...

Always love your "behind-the-scenes" looks at the shoots! So fun!

Cannot thank you enough for the comment on my last post - you're amazing xoxo

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, great makeup station. You know I want to work on your shoots, then I'll have food to eat!

dirtyduck said...

that is one great day of food! it was fun to see a glimpse into your life like that! (i just found your blog from the sidebar of another blog.) always enjoy finding other vegans!!

i would never have thought to do that mexican dish, and i totally get you on the cheese thing. i just ordered a pizza with no they sprinkled some on top instead...(? made sense to them??lol)

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