Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegans Eating Well

When I began my vegan journey, I didn't know any other vegans and I didn't know that vegan food can be amazing. Nowadays, I feel especially blessed to have like-minded friends to share delectable meals with and rant about being vegan in a non-vegan world. 
Here's a recent girls' night at Soy & Sake with Leinana & Leanne, the food was simply amazing and the company as well! Soy & Sake works wonders recreating all those dishes I missed from my pre-vegan days. It's so good that the simple mention of Soy & Sake can easily stimulate a Pavlovian response...please see exhibits A, B, C, D & E below

Vegan coconut battered "not" shrimp-amazing!!!!

Vegan deep fried sushi with spicy "not" tuna & asparagus roll- so good!
Vegan sushi roll with eel & crab alternates & avocado
Vegan lemon "not fish" fillet- this dish is especially tasty
Vegan peking "not" duck- my favorite
Cute Vegans!
And speaking of fabulous vegan friends, my dearest friend- The Urban Vegan is coming out with her second cookbook soon, and I am lucky enough to be testing some of her fabulous recipes. Yes indeed, we have been eating quite well here at home these days. Will be testing more in the weeks to come, so more yum to come!
Urban Vegan's Test Recipe: Ethiopian Collard Greens
Urban Vegan Test Recipe: Stuffed Acorn Squash
Urban Vegan Test Recipe: Jambalaya
Am so happy to be blogging and sharing yummy vegan eats again. Hope everyone has been indulging in delicious cruelty-free food this week too! Tonight, am super excited for a very special vegan event with Candle 79 at the prestigious James Beard House, can't wait to share all that fun...


Theresa said...

Ooh, look at all that mock stuff! I'm so intrigued by good mock meats, especially things like prawns/shrimp. We can't get them in Townsville, but I had some really yummy mock prawns in Sydney last year. And UV testing - how yummy! I tested her first book and it was fantastic!

VeggieGirl said...

I am SO glad to see you posting more often! My parents say hi and miss you :)

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