Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prepping For China

It's been a crazy few weeks- trying to wrap up my taxes & planning a very last minute trip to quick trip to China! Will be traveling with my grandmother & SKO on Wednesday...we will be arriving in Shanghai, then off to the famed Huangshan Mountains, quick stop in Hangzhou and then to Beijing...Booboo is trying to grasp all that we have to cover in a short period of 11days.
Why the big rush? Well a combination of SKO's timed Easter break, traveling on mileage & grandma's sense of urgency to get to these steep mountains while she's still able to tackle the steps. This will be mine & SKO's first official trip to China! Technically, I was in Hong Kong many moons ago but before China took it back.
Way overdue for some new trainers & what better reason to get new kicks than a big trip that will require good walking shoes: enter the super cute Stella McCartney/Adidas Galbinata purchased through Zappos which is always painless & so quick.
In the mad rush of getting my taxes done via learning Quick Books in a matter of days & prepping for the trip, I have been a bit stressed. There were several things really made the ride easier:
NYC newest vegan sandwich shop: Terri
in Chelsea. Super cute & super yummy & vegan- what's not to love? Had the most delicious chickpea "tuna" melt, the bread was perfectly toasted & the Daiya perfectly cheesy, not the best pic but it's sooooo good, trust me.
So good that I had to have more chickpea melts at home via Happy Herbivore- so quick & easy to make, can't believe I've never tried before because tuna salad sandwiches were my favorite in my pre-vegan days.
Other good things from Happy Herbivore- mac & cheeze that I added sauteed mushrooms, broccoli & onions, oh and let's not forget the peas & cilantro- so perfect.
And let's not forget the gift which is One Lucky Duck's decadent raw mallomar, this is the most ethereal raw treat that you will ever eat and so good for you- hard to believe but true!
There were also roses which looked like peonies from our local florist in LIC, which were gorgeous but didn't fully open as they should have...
Well, now must run & prep on trip stuff like food supplies for China like Larabars & Primal Strips- though hoping not to have to rely on that too much since there are definitely a good number of vegan restaurants (especially near the temples!) that I'm psyched to check out in China. What I'm not looking forward to are the tons of Chinese vegetarian dishes in omni places flavored with a tiny bit of meat and ruining what would have been a perfectly vegan dish....nonetheless, despite my numerous travel issues: slight flying anxieties & anxiety about seeing starving strays- am looking forward to the trip.
Since Booboo opened the post, it's only fair that Thelonious bids you "Zai Jian" until I get back in April!


VivaciousVegan said...

China! Wow that is exciting!!!
I like your shoes that you got for walking, I hope they are as comfortable as they look!!! I think the chickpea "tuna" melt looked fantastic and I am going to make that here pretty quick!!!

Your cats are adorable, such beautiful faces!!!
I just wanted to pop over and let you know I am going to follow you so I can see how your trip goes. Good luck, and please be careful!!

M for Short said...

Am I the only one not going to China??? Jon was in Beijing from 3/13-27 and has a few days left in Tokyo before returning to Atlanta.

Let me just say WOW, your grandmother kicks ass. Big time. Hope you 3 have an amazing and memorable trip.

Hope to make it to NY in June when Mazie is out of school. Would love to see you & B if possible, esp since I missed the proper reunion. Did you wear a plaid skirt and oxfords?

VeggieGirl said...

SAFE TRAVELS!!! Sendme a postcard, please?? I collect them :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh man, HAVE FUN! I want to check out Terri when I visit in May. I hope we can catch up. Also, I NEED those Stella shoes!

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