Sunday, February 21, 2010

Return To Blogland

So it's been forever since I last blogged- I have had a severe case of procrastination obviously lingering for several months. I swear, it was so bad, I was overcome with chills and broke out into a cold sweat whenever I thought about how far behind I was with my blogging.There were so many times that I had meant to blog again & an actual time in December where I did a draft about my dear friend, Urban Vegan and our yummy lunch at Hangawi and also about the lovely Farm Sanctuary Celebration for the Turkeys at Tavern On The Green...ah, yes those drafts never saw the cold light of day.

So with the new year (albeit a month & a half in) and technically a new year for the lunar calendar, I start anew & begin afresh with renewed vows to be a better blogger. Let's begin with something that I will definitely covet in the new year: Olsen Haus' Muse 2 heels available this fall. Not only is it super hot, but comfortable because of the platform and so cool because it's made of recycled television screens & tires. A heel that's super hot & cool to boot? Brilliant!
I got a peek firsthand because Elizabeth, vegan genius designer extraordinaire of Olsen Haus and I both attended an intimate loft party downtown for Farm Sanctuary. She literally took this shoe off for me to try on & shoot some iphone pics.
The loft party for Farm Sanctuary was to raise funds to help pass legislation A08163 in NYS, known as Nikki's Law (in honor of Nikki who was rescued from a gestation crate and now lives happily up at Farm Sanctuary). This bill would ban gestation crates for breeding pigs, veal crates for calves & battery cages for egg-laying hens- great ready Albany for Humane Lobby Day on March 24th!

It was a great little party and particularly cool was to hobnob with Gene Bauer, Farm Sanctuary founder and let him know exactly how thankful I am that he created such a wonderful organization! Since I have no good pics from the loft party, I am going to include a way old pic from Farm Sanctuary's Celebration for the Turkeys Event at now-closed-NY institution, Tavern On The Green. And yes, the desserts were not to be believed- my bestest buddy, JK & I, despite our best intentions, we were not able to sample everything because we were pretty full from the meal (caveat lector: JK hates this pic because she was very tired & puffy, but oh so graciously allowed me to use it since it's the only pic of us from that event- now that's a good buddy!):
 And also a few weekends ago, JK & I attended a vegan sample sale. Way back in my pre-vegan twenties, I was a damn faithful sample sale attendee: Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, you name it- I was there. Well since going vegan, none of these sample sale hold much interest for me because most of these designers are not cruelty-free. So imagine my surprise when through the Girlie Girl Army newsletter, I heard about a vegan sample sale! I was so there and making my fair contribution to support all: 
Leanne from Vaute Couture was super sweet & her coats were super cute- so I just had to grab me two of them- the El & the Pea Coat (which I wear religiously).
While getting my paws on some Olsen Haus boots & high heeled oxfords, I met their uber-cool creator, Elizabeth, who despite feeling a bit run down, charitably posed for a pic together. And hanging at the FS loft party the very next evening, I sensed a kindred spirit, so definitely looking forward to our next get together. And looking forward to the next vegan sample sale, thanks to lovely Gina, designer of Cri De Coeur who masterminded the event!

On the home front, our apartment is finally coming together after a year (learning to compromise takes forever-sigh!), Fcat made these wonderful bookshelves & designed the desk that you see below along with a corner of the lacquered media cabinet. I sense a full apartment tour at some point...
Also with the new year, I am going to try Twitter- I am such a social networking newbie, I sense that I will definitely need some help with this...

In the spirit of abundance for Chinese New Year, wishing you all- homes & hearts bursting with vegan goodness & compassion for all.

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