Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorted & Oriented

Like the box says, we are finally a bit more sorted & oriented than we were a two & a half months ago.

Yes, my dear friends- if you are still around, I am finally back. This is what I have learned in my long absence and have promised to shout it from the mountaintops: moving is indeed stressful!

I had no idea. Had I listened to Fcat and started packing earlier, I would have been a lot better off but I had nonchalantly poo-pooed any attempt on his part to get me started packing any earlier- citing that I lived in a studio apartment with two closets, which meant a lot less stuff thereby packing would take no time at all blah blah blah...oh how regretfully wrong I was. Yes that was definitely my fault waiting til the last minute and so not fun.

So yes I am to blame, but it's also just been a laundry list of crazy things beyond my control like getting our mortgage the day before the closing due to the sloppiness of mortgage coordinator- describing that as stressful is an understatement. What else, hmm, moving to grandma's last minute (moving before the real move) with Fcat & Booboo & all my things in tow was sheer insanity. Booboo's pure kitty panic, complete with panting for an one hr & meowing despair into the corners of every room was the worst- don't want to bore you with those details, but Booboo had just gone to the vet for oral surgery two weeks before, so this moving event just put her over the top.

In the face of all this, Bach's Rescue Remedy was a true life-saver. Basically, herbal flower essences as Xanax, good for pets & people. A drop on Booboo's nose & two spritzes in my mouth saved me in the midst of several nervous breakdowns, not to say that it was that fast-acting- took a a few days to kick in, but once it did all the random sobbing stopped and trust me, there was a ton of random sobbing when getting my old apartment renovated to be rented, random sobbing at new apartment that was getting prepped & painted, random sobbing at our temporary stay at grandmas...on the night before the final move to the new place, I reikied and with the rescue remedy full kicked in, everything went off as smooth as can be. Reiki & rescue remedy will always be the pre-req for any move we ever do again! I am never leaving home without it:

Through the tears & the anxiety, I did manage to squeeze in some smiles:
Had to make time to meetup whenever blog friends are in town! What a wonderful treat to meet Amanda & to see Bazu again. Happy brunch smiles after a yummy meal at Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side -Amanda from Walking The Vegan Line and Bazu from Where's The Revolution.
It was also thrilling to find vegan sugar cones, I haven't had an ice cream cone since going vegan- trust me, I was way excited.
Fcat brough me a cupcake from S'Nice which went perfectly with a cold glass of soymilk. This helped ease the anxiety of "thinking" about packing, not actual packing mind you...

Booboo acclimated to grandma's in a day or two- once she got over her panic, she was loving the old house with tons of stairs & rooms & the possible the scent of mouse, just to remind you Booboo has always lived in a studio apartment...and then the real move to our new place, Booboo spent some time in the closet, mushed into a corner- it took her a week or so but she finally was out & about and was soon hard at work sitting in front of my computer. We had quite a few boxes to get through and it took us some time, after awhile I stopped seeing the boxes...but glad to say there are only boxes of books left waiting for shelves to be built!
Booboo had been spending the days squished into the closet corner because there were workers in and out & construction noise going on. She did come out to eat one meal a day & use the litterbox, but we suspected that she was out at night when it was quiet. Evidence of that were suspicious paw indentations on the couch every morning...
More smiles to be had when I discovered that Pain Quotidien had not only vegan bluberry muffins & soymilk, but vegan meal options like a black bean hummus plate- hurray! There are a few of these bakeshop/eateries in NYC and in Paris, so I know there's at least one other place to get soymilk in my coffee in Paris besides Starbuck's.
A much needed outing to the Greenmarket in Union Square where I discovered a vegan baked goods- yum yum yum.
A dreaded errand like returning the cable box & modem to Time Warner at 23rd street turned into a lovely excuse to stop by for delicious raw foods at Bonobo's. Coconut water, nutmeat salad and kale salad- that did my body good.

What was crazy is that finally my little sister, SKO moves to NYC and (yes, we helped her paint her room in the midst of our move...) I hadn't seen her in a weeks. So she and I had a lovely sojourn to Teany in the Lower East Side- scones for her & vegan beans & tomatoes on toast for me!
Can't be down on the Lower East Side for Teany and not stop by Babycakes for some vegan baked goodness like those brownie bites. They are just so damn good. I am way excited in this pic because I just picked up a vegan chipwich which I adored in my pregan days...well, the cookies that held the ice cream was delicious but the ice cream itself was was too heavy, almost like butter frosting that made me ill- not happy at all, but glad that they tried.
Fcat and I made the prerequisite visit to Ikea to look for some temporary counter stools, we decided to check out the Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The location was way too cool, felt like a different country...until we saw a guy with his pup in a bag at the subway, only in NYC do chihuahuas go to Ikea by subway.
Now that we are settling in, we are loving the our new 'hood. Our Long Island City neighborhood is called Hunter's Point and we just got our own whole foods-like supermarket called Food Cellar.
They have yummy vegan buffet offerings like soba noodles, vegan dumplings, seaweed salad and BBQ tofu.
They also carry quite a bit of vegan goodies like Sweet & Sara's Smores.
I got some gorgeous beets from Food Cellar and baked it in the oven for no-mess beet deliciousness.
The beets went into a salad with some heirloom tomatoes from the Greenmarket right outside our building every Saturdays til November. Also made some tofu & kale & quinoa for our very first cooked meal in our new fab kitchen. I love love love all the counter space.
Here's Fcat's first meal that he cooked- a tasty pasta dish.
We are thrilled with our new place and we absolutely love living in Long Island City. Can't wait to share more with all of you now that I am back in the swing of things...Have a great week!


Jesse said...

So glad that you're back! My husband and I just entered escrow on a new condo, so I feel your pain. :) Come back to LA and visit so I can get some more good ideas!

Theresa said...

Congrats on your move! The new place sounds fantastic. Hopefully you won't be moving again for a long, long time.

Love the 'bite me I'm vegan' shirt!

VeggieGirl said...

VKO!!!! I've missed you, and have been worried sick since it's been 2 months since your last post. Email or call me soon, please - we need to catch up!! :0)

Maria Rose said...

I feel your pain. moving with cats is nothing short of insanity. When I moved with my cats they had full fledged panic attacks complete with foaming mouths and 9 hours (in a car) of meowing. I will have to try the rescue remedy next time!

Bianca said...

Glad you're settled! I'm about to start moving in two weeks! And I'm so dreading it. Wish I had some of that rescue stuff to save me.

I'm most worried about my six cats (yes, I have six...I know, I'm crazy cat lady). I'm afraid some of them won't adjust well at all. Glad yours is okay now!

Kati said...

So good to see you back in the Blogosphere!

Moving is Hell, especially when you're buying a place. We just went through that ordeal ourselves. Let's hope we all stay put for a long time! ;-)

Love those suspicious little kitty paw prints on the sofa - the little rascalls think they're sneaky, but we have them figured out!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Welcome back VKO!
I'm glad you're moved & starting to settled, although I can understand the tears, I'm the same way.
I wish I was in the middle of that blog meetup sandwich, I have met all 3 of you & wish I could have been there to join the fun!

Melody Polakow said...

Nice to hear from you!

Celine said...

welcome back!! I wish you more peaceful time, soon.

Urban Vegan said...

Congrats on the move. Hooray!

I am always drooling at your's so easy to be vegan in NYC.

I also love Rescue Remedy. And I just wrote about those S & S S'mores on my blog today. (Of course! Kindred spirits that we are ;)

SKO's hair sure got long; she's as adorable as ever. I'm so glad she's moving to NYC. Boo is sweet and more photogenic than any of the models you work with. Say hi to F-cat for me.

We have to get together soon, chica.


CWrites said...

Great to have you back! Congrats on your new place. I have moved WAY too many times to count, so I feel your pain. I love reading your blog bc it takes me back to NYC if only for five minutes!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I am so glad you're back! As usual with your amazing posts, I don't know what to comment on first!

I love the picture of you, Bazu, and Amanda-- three sweet vegans in one picture!

Susan G said...

Welcome back - I have missed your posts and the restaurant reviews I drool over (not a vegan restaurant in sight out here in the 'burbs).

We have moved a lot so I can relate. We've been in this house for 13 years (longest ever), and I can't imagine packing up all the stuff we have accumulated. We were forunate on the last four moves to have company-paid packers!

bazu said...

I've missed you, my dear! And I feel you on the stress of moving, much hugs and sympathy from me. But now you're sorted and oriented... in LIC!!!! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to come back so I can knock on your door- prepare yourself...


claudia said...

just found your blog and will be keeping in touch. I'm a 58year young wanna be vegan am trying [have been vego for 17 years] but find it hard to give up eggs from a friends loved chickens and honey in my chi tea. Your blog is great. Cheers Claudia

vintageveganpotter said...

Congrats on the move and welcome to Queens!! hehe (always nice to have vegans in this borough). I most definitely have to take a visit to the Food Cellar - it's not far from my casa and looks great!

Hope you're finally getting settled into your new home! :)

halfeaten said...

It's great to see the updation and to hear that life's treating you swell.

Congrats on your move and hope you enjoy the new home sweet home.

You're so lucky that you went to Babycakes!

Urban Vegan said...

Hey girl:

Got your e-mail and I owe you a long note. I'm just terribly swamped right now! Talk soon...and let's get together soon.


the little one said...

Move seems to always be incredibly stressful for all concerned. I'm so glad you love your new place though!

Gnewvegan said...

I am so glad that the move went well. Congrats and good luck. I love it when I find a store with vegan goodies. I was in the whole foods by Union Square and was so excited when I saw the sign for an area with vegan food. :) I am like a kid in a candy store.. I will be going to S'Nice soon. Have not made the greenmarket yet but hope to soon.

thepreppyvegan said...

Hi there. Just discovered your lovely blog. I am moving next week in NYC too! Hope my kitties will adjust to their new digs. Seems like yours did.

The Esther Bunny said...

hello! i love your blog! looking forward to reading more about your vegan nyc adventures!

Liz² said...

glad the move went well, and wow, you have so much great vegan stuff around!

Vivacious Vegan said...

You're the second person who's mentioned Bach's Rescue Remedy recently. I think I'm going to pick some up just to have on hand for those times. Poor little BooBoo. What a rough couple of weeks. Glad you're getting settled. Moving from CA to TN was far more stressful and time consuming than I expected it to be. I don't ever want to move again!

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