Monday, January 21, 2008

Ways To Develop A Third Eye

Hello my friends!

It's been awhile...again, sorry.
So let's hope that rambling & rant about work is somewhat entertaining:

Thought I would share with you my newfound way of developing my third eye- now I don't mean a spiritual insightful third eye, I mean a giant carbuncle smack dab in-between my brows where a third eye would be...a surefire way to do so- work on a big production shooting in Los Angeles & Palm Springs and two other shoots in NYC at the same exact time.

Don't even know where to begin so will just try to relay the succession of work:

-am producing a big shoot with celebrity out in Los Angeles in a modern loft/house, begin looking into locations, flights, hotels and pulling the rest of the crew needed such as photo assts, catering, prop stylists, permits, vehicles...
-shoot in LA gets moved to Sarasota, FL. Start process all over but in Sarasota.
-shoot gets moved back to LA...back to original requests.
-so in the last week, I have been looking at tons of gorgeous homes, but never seemingly right for the clients...we finally find one, but it doesn't have a tennis court...need to find a tennis court, but it has to really nice and it had to be close by...of course the perfect court they love is in a Beverly Hills house, where the logistics of getting everyone from the the first house to BH shouldn't take too long, but because the traffic in BH is a nightmare- the perfect court is nixed and we are back to the drawing board...

I can't go on describing this, it's just tedious- you get the idea. Just picture this process and now also apply it to models that I need to cast for this project and apply this process again to a second catalog shoot in Palm Springs with location, models etc...and of course, there are so many other things to juggle like the celeb that we are shooting is 6'2 and I am trying to find a model that looks like her & has her measurements & plays tennis so that we can have a real look-alike to be the stand-in. There's also the aversion I have to ordering the catering on this shoot- the celeb likes ham & cheese. I have always tried to avoid any pork when I order so that I can at least save the pigs from the shoot...but they are forcing my hand on this one, all animals will be tortured for this one- dairy cows, pigs, chickens. There goes my hope to get catering from M Cafe.

Anyway, needless to say- I'm busy and happy to be this busy, but my stress level is off the charts. No time to cook, so thankfully I can order some good eats from Good Health on the Upper East Side. One night I was so exhausted, having sat in front of the computer for a good eleven hours straight (when you work from home, you never have the change to get up & chat with your co-worker by the water cooler...), my eyes were burning holes in my head. I needed some greens! Ordered a yummy black bean burger & a green veggie ginger juice. Yep, that set me straight again.

And to really set me back on the right path, yummy banana cream pie which doesn't look so pretty and tastes more like banana cheesecake- well whatever, it's vegan, it's creamy and it's good.

My only day working out of home was a big casting callback with clients-hectic, but again, have to make sure to eat right. Sneaky vegan that I am, I made them all order from Spring Street Natural which is a great place in Soho that serves vegan/vegetarian along with poultry & seafood. The clients were all looking to order burgers and such, but I conveniently could not find the other menus...I ordered cornmeal crusted tofu in mango-jicama sauce.
Some of us were really pooped at the end of a callbacks session...

And Booboo sits ever so patiently waiting for me to get up from the computer so that we can play...I always make sure to get some Booboo time in, it's my home office equivalent of gossiping by the water cooler.

Since I started this blog under the guise of a spiritual matter, it is only fair that I admit that this upcoming weekend I have signed up for a full weekend of reiki training. Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing practice similar to the laying on of hands where one channels healing energy towards oneself & to others. It is kind of crazy to sign up for 9:30-6:30 class on Saturday & Sunday the weekend before my production in Los Angeles, but I am sure that I will learn techniques to heal my own stress and that third eye pimple...I had decided after my meditative New Year's Eve experience when I saw colors swirling about my spiritual third eye, that I wanted to get involved in reiki.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!




*does first comment dance*

o hai. i can has to start commentin agin?

Okay, enough with LOLCatspeak...your life looks pretty hectic and stressful and not fun...want to trade?

You can have college applications, throde high school, dumb drama, etc., etc.

I can have cute apartment of my own, with cute cat, and cute indepedent lifestyle involving no teachers and/or homework, etc., etc.

Yes, sounds excellent. Let's trade! :D

Plz to call when you feel need for a water-cooler gossip (or LOLCattime) kthnx bai.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh my, I hope you survive the drama of the giant-celeb-production shoot. While the money can be good, the drama can be faaaar too much for me! That being said, I always take those jobs! haha.

Clementine & Mandarin said...

It's moi, formerly known as joolz of most crafts. I've changed the name to, well, you can see up above. That's what you get for being able to pull rabbits out of a hat :-) Maybe next time you can try pulling lions and bears, oh my! Ha! I'm sure the reiki lessons this weekend will be a great source of zen mind for the upcoming unzen world of production shoots. I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience learning the art of reiki. I can't wait to hear all about it!
Love & Meows
ps can you please change my name on your blogroll :-)

Ashasarala said...

Wow... I got tired just reading this! You sure are a busy girl. I don't know how you do it- that is, deal with celebrities. I'd go insane. Good luck to you, and hopefully your reiki training will be relaxing and rejuvenating.

VeggieGirl said...

oh no!! I'm sorry to hear about the injurious "third eye" - hope you heal soon!

ahh, stress - it's good to keep busy, but it can take a toll on one's well-being. hang in there, in the fast-paced fashion business, vko!!

reiki sounds great - enjoy!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aww, Booboo looks so cute, just laying there... my dogs do that too when they're waiting for someone to come home.

The banana cream pie/cheezecake looks like the perfect remedy for a stressful day :o).

Theresa said...

Sounds like your life is totally freakin crazy. Thank god for good vegan food and a beautiful companion animal to keep you from going insane!

Melody Polakow said...

Your jobs sounds so glamorous at first, and it is.. but also soo tedious.. hehe

I'm thrilled you can order great vegan food.. but it sucks about the pig.

Reiki is really cool. I wasn't a believer at all until it was done on me..

bazu said...

Whew- I'm finally back to visiting all my favorite blogs, and I'm so happy to catch up with yours! It seems like you've been super busy and stressed lately, so I know all the healthy food should help you out. And Booboo gossip sessions. And reiki! I hope you'll blog about some of what you learned there!

urban vegan said...

Sorry things have been so stressful...This too will pass, and you will have quiet once again.

At least that Good Food from Good Health is keping you well nourished.

Enjoy your Reiki training...sounds so intriguing. That will actually center yuo. And don't forget to breathe.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, sounds like you are crazy busy! I hope things settle down a little and your third eye fades away :-) Hope you have fun at your class this weekend!

a said...

Ouch, that whole LA shoot doesn't sound like much fun. Hopefully things will get sorted out and you'll at least be able to enjoy Los Angeles? (Warm! Yummy vegan food!)

I think it's totally cool that you try to get your clients to eat healthily. yay for burger-less menus!!

I hope you enjoy/learn from/destress at reiki this weekend. That should be interesting...I'd love to hear about it should you feel inspired to blog on that topic...

the little one said...

Vko you need the reiki! Instead of the class maybe you should just go get some done on you ;)

the vegan blog tracker said...

Dang! And I thought I was busy - you have me beat by an order of magnitude! Stay in there!

the bulgarian said...

So, I know I promised that my comments in the future would relate to your blog, but here is another random comment-enjoy...
First- I agree with your little sister that we will trade our lives for yours in a heartbeat.
Second- I am sure that she told you that I read your blog to relax and take the college anger away, which is why I am writing this comment...can you please update your blog because I am having minor college freakout (as I am writing this) and not having a new blog post to read is not helping the situation. Update and I will be greatful forever...oh, and I am sorry your life is so busy ;))

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