Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Suspension Of Disbelief

I begin my blogging life by writing about one of my biggest passions in life, Booboo Kittie. She is my little companion animal and in every animal, I see Booboo.

There is no difference between her and the mink sitting in a fur farm cage waiting...knowing that others have been already skinned, many skinned alive. There is no difference between her and the little cow that cannot even lay down comfortably because she is chained tightly so as not to develop muscles in order to be slaughtered and sold as veal. There is no difference. The only difference is in the mindset of those that love their pets, yet have no qualms about wearing fur or fur trim. Our pets & those other animals, both feel fear, joy and sadness. They are sentient beings and they should all be treated humanely. Well, this is not how I intended to begin, don't worry, I will not preach everytime I blog...oh...well,maybe just a little, once or twice a week...won't be too bad I promise!

The phrase 'suspension of disbelief' was coined by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (and yes, I suspend disbelief everytime I read these lovely lines: In Xanadu did Kubla Khan/ A stately pleasure-dome decree/ Where Alph, the sacred river, ran/ Through caverns measureless to man/ Down to a sunless sea). Well, that's from a great poem and actually, the term more commonly r
efers to the temporary acceptance of unbelievable character or events, so that one can appreciate a work of literature or drama.

Booboo Kittie willingly suspends disbelief when she plays. All animals suspend reality when they play. It doesn't seem so unusual, but it is when you think about it! This feline of mine ignores the clearly obvious hand that moves the toy mouse along so that sh
e can focus, hunt, capture and lock her jaws onto the toy prey and slash it to pieces with her hind paws. She also knows that the mouse is not real, yet she still engages in play. It's amazing!

What's even more amazing is how our President and this White House have suspended disbelief about our clearly obvious hand in global warming and the real danger of shoving our fingers in our ears, shouting "Denial! Denial! Denial!", and Bush, clicking his little ruby red slippers, praying "There's no such thing as global warming. There's no such thing as human pollution accelerated global warming." There's link in today's Financial Times about Bush distorting climate reports.And also in the NY Times about every scientist in the world stating the obvious facts.

Anyway, had a very busy day conducting a video casting for an upcoming shoot. Would love to tell more about it in a manner that does not breach the confidentiality agreements that I had signed, but will have to save that for another day.

I hope to commit more thoughts to this blog, instead of bombarding my friends with so many unsolicited emails about animal rights & global warming that they wish to have me committed...
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