Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Update On This Blog On Starved Dog As Art

***I have started a fundraising page so that we can all do something where as the people at the exhibit did nothing to help this poor dog. Please make an online donation today to help strays in Central America. We will not sit back and do nothing in the face of animal cruelty. Let us take our collective anger & outrage and turn it into something positive. Let's renew our faith in humanity and make a difference:
More about the charity:

Hello All

Just wanted to let you know that Jaime Sancho's petition to boycott the cruel act of an "artist" who used a starved dog as his "art" is going strong- 43,806 signatures so far to denounce this cruelty. Please keep this petition going.

I wanted to redirect you to these blogs for ongoing information :

Reiskek's blog with always current updated information- to remember Natividad, the poor dog
Jaime Sancho's Blog in Spanish with updates (originator of boycott petition)
Sign the Petition to Boycott "Artist" who starved dog as art.
Keep this petition going and pass it along!!

Here is the latest letter from Jaime Sancho in response to the Gallery Codice's Director:
(Translation is a little off through Babelfish but it is very strong in denouncing the cruel act)

Juanita BermúdezDirectorManagua, Nicaragua
The international community, and in name of this one more than 30139 people, asks for the exclusion of Mr. Guillermo Vargas "Habacuc" of the Central American Biennial Honduras 2008 by the following reason: I mistreat produced when persecuting, capturing and to tie a famélico street dog, done that you confirm.The rest of the world we did not finish including/understanding like can allow that an artist can recreate his work with the suffering of an animal and that the assistants can celebrate a celebration with a famélico dog like bottom drop curtain.The rest of the world we cannot include/understand as a jury can award the work of Vargas on the basis of the work criterion "of great quality and excellent coherence between idea and execution", according to detailed.In name of the art not all bond. To try to make think that vetoing us to Mr. Guillermo Vargas to want to moor in its gallery a persecuted and famélico dog had been censorship is an error. What it had been is to have common sense, something that evidently they needed. Why not the thought to remain with the animal to adopt it, took care of and it fed from the first moment? It is easy to say now, if certain or no, that the dog, tired and hungry famélico "surprisingly" escaped ahead the noses of a watchman.If the Gallery Codex guards by the quality of the exposed works and allows the exhibition of a mistreated alive being, del already makes al rest clear world as it is the quality of the works exposed in its gallery.Being conceited of which it does not exert censorship, as long as "does not attempt against the elementary principles of the ethics and much less than they imply the life of a living being, is human or animal" and to allow that the denounced facts, causes that the rest of the world we wonder ourselves that you by ethics understand when happen been having has moored itself persecuted, captured, humiliated and tortured a dog, psicológiamente, with implication of being able to be killed, if she is not that she really lost it as said own Vargas. It is his word against the one of this other person who affirms the opposite: Of the Blog de Rodrigo Peñalba "According to what I knew, the dog died on the following day by lack of food."Vargas said: "Nobody made the decision to feed the dog that it was" exposing ", collaborating of that way to its death. These affirmations contradict to Juanita Bermúdez (director of the Gallery Codex) when it affirms that the dog "escaped". If Mr. Vargas lies or she does, who stops the case is the same.Another version that denies the explanation of the director: "The dog died after a day in the exhibition, according to confirmed the Nation Marta Leonor González, publisher of the cultural supplement of the Press in Nicaragua." another one: Liliam Schnog, president of the Humanitarian Association for the Protection Animal, said that she does not understand how an animal was let to die of hunger if on a floor there was a phrase done with food.The international community is worried because in century XXI still there are people like the Vargas who mistreat animals, galleries like hers that exposes them and sworn that awards them.It was ensured widely that all the international community is sorry that Natividad Canda was devoured by the Rottweiler, but to try to compare the human mind with the one of the dogs says very little in its favor. It is more, gives to understand us that what Vargas did and what you allowed was by revenge, an adjustment of accounts, which makes worse more, if it fits, the things.Like author of the request online so that the Guillernmo the Vargas "Habacuc" is excluded to participate in the Central American Biennial Honduras 2008 I inform to him into which I will follow ahead and present/display at its moment to the organizers of same the companies who have taken shelter, on the basis of considering simultaneously that Vargas is a maltratador of the sort animal, which I make my request to all the galleries public of the world so that also they veto it.

Jaime Sancho

I ask all to continue this petition and keep it alive in remembrance of the sad little starving dog that was used in the name of "art". Please refer to the links above for continued updates & coverage. As I go back to blogging about living an animal-friendly life which means I do not eat animals nor do I wear animals because the torture that factory-farmed animals go through so that people can eat flesh and drink milk, the animals that are mutilated for unnecessary cosmetic testing, the sad lives that circus animals "live" are all as horrible as starving a dog for art. Please consider adopting a vegan lifestyle and denounce animal cruelty in every form. If you would like more information & if you are one that needs to see pictures of the cruelty that animals are subjected to please email me or check out some of these links:

These animals feel as much as our beloved dogs & cats. They know joy and they know fear. Please consider living a more compassionate lifestyle.

Cruelty of Dairy Products & Eggs
Tortured Pigs, Chickens & Cows
Compassion Over Killing
Humane Society of the United Stated
Fur Is Dead

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. ~Albert Schweitzer

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form. ~William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. ~Thomas A. Edison

The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham


VeggieGirl said...

Thank you so much, Vko, for following this issue so closely, and providing updates - I still cannot fathom that this actually took place/takes place around the world. I will say a prayer for that poor dog, and I hope that those who witnessed/were involved with this exhibit meet their fate.

reiskeks said...

You do not have to close your usual blog issues, I will keep track on the boycott so far :) and you can go on posting about all your animal sanctuary visits and the fabulous vegan foods you get to eat and... We would all miss your writings, and there are for sure (sadly) enough other cases ;/

veggie barbie girl said...

I saw this and told my friends at school and they all thought it was really AWFUL! I am glad you are doing what you are doing!

Theresa said...

Thanks for all the updates, VKO. I can tell that this is terribly upsetting to you, as it should be to everyone. I'll keep up to date through all the links you've given.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Thank you for the updates, this has been on my mind constantly!

DogDiva911 said...

The "artist" is abviously SICK in the head. And what gets me are the people who are just walking by taking it all in. What has this world come to? And it's ok to show suffering animals but not suffering children? SICK SICK SICK! And I for one will make sure that this goes around the globe!

Ashasarala said...

Thanks so much for the updates. I'm so glad to know that something is being done to get their attention. It's so beautiful to know so many people really care.

bazu said...

Oh I hope this petition gets some results. My colleagues were shocked when I passed this along to them. Vegan or not, noone can believe what was done here, again, in the supposed name of "art."

That quote by Albert Schweitzer always gets me. It's very powerful.

Anonymous said...

I understand killing an animal so you can eat, I am not a vegan i like fish, chicken, occasionally steak or burger, once in a while pork. But theres a purpose there,the animal is being eaten, and in most cases killed in a quick human way, what happened there with a slow torturous starving death is sick.. Thats not art thats cruelty. Thats remorseless sociopathic cruelty. Prisoners of war cant be treated like that legally! Here in the states you aren't treated like that in a fedral prison! Dogs have feelings and emotions just like people! Own one long enough care for it and learn from it and you can see this. Their loyalty and sense of duty is amazing. Mine saved my life twice. Once from break in and second time from a poorly treated pitbull. I am the loving parent two tibetain mastiffs, I'd like to introduce the "artist" to them sometime. Starve the

urban vegan said...

Thank you, VKO, for speaking up for those who have no voice. Your kindness--and the kindness of all who signed the petition, donated and also spoke out against this atrocity--will prevail.


reiskeks said...

Subject fundraising: There should be a PayPal donation possible, this would make it available for all, I also cannot donate anything, because I simply do not get a credit card (debts)... So is the case for a lot of people around the world, but PayPal is at least available for anybody with the simplest bank account, even with debts...

reiskeks said...

sorry for the mistakes, it is 5.33 AM around here...

reiskeks said...

:) There is good news about the case in my blog, the biggest German news magazine "Der Spiegel" covered the story! It is now 100% reliable that the dog died even for those, who do not believe in the reliability of Spanish based media - the magazine is the ONE of the big players around here, they would lose all their reputation, if they would not do good background investigations, before writing about things! :D

Kat_Ong said...

Why can't RSPCA or Police do something to take Dog away?
Looks Like the petition already reach 25000K but how is this can save the dog? PLease update me how is the dog...

Kat Ong
Strays Care Giver in Singapore

jackie. said...

this is awful.

Tova said...

What is going with this case?? I can't stop thinking about this poor dog. What are we doing to get justice for this dog??

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