Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Weeks Flying By

Hello Boys & Girls, our summer adventures with SKO are nearing completion. The little sister has only one more week in NYC, then one more week off to a little fun & lots of sun and back to school she goes. As such, we try to squeeze in another veggie place. How about Curly's, I have only been to once, wasn't thrilled but was willing to give it another go....well, all for the sake of Suna. Suna is faux tuna and I have never had it and was looking forward to a Suna Melt. So Curly's Vegetarian Diner it is! It also happened to be down the block from Trader Joe's...
Inside Curly's is warm & inviting. There's a wall covered with crayoned place mat drawings from customers. I was ready for my yummy melty Suna Melt.
Visions of Suna Melts dancing across my palate and a soymilkshake to wash it down, I was brought near to tears when the waitress took our order- no more Suna until they find another vendor that makes it, blah blah distribution problems blah blah blah. All I heard was "No Suna for you!". Boohoo. Well, I could at least console myself with a soymilkshake which I have never had. Yep well no consolation prize there, the blender was broken and it was "No soymilkshake for you!" Disheartened, but resolute, I decided to go with the Sloppy Joe. It was not bad, messy, but not bad.

SKO went with the Chick'n Parm Hero, but she had it with real cheese. She said it was good.

In the end, there were a ton of vegan desserts like cheesecake to whet my appetite, but we were way too stuffed. Our final verdict delivered in crayon at our table: we heart Curly's- vegan & omni alike.

Fcat made a gorgeous lunch the other day complete with refreshing salad & chilled white wine.

He absolutely makes the most delicious pasta dishes!

A quick meal for me during the week was Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burger- um, can you say "Yum"? Basically a glorified hash brown, but really tasty with Indian spices. I had it with a mesclun salad, some Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange sauce & some fresh green chili hot sauce.
I also made a hearty tomato sauce which I cooked for about two hours to which I added portobello mushrooms, peas and my new favorite, Tofurky Italian Sausage. It was all so good.

And then Thursday evening, out of nowhere, I come down with a hateful summer cold. I am stuffy, sneezy, can't sleep- just plain miserable with a bad cold. The cure for this I believe is spicy food- lots of garlic...raw & sauteed served here with quinoa porridge, roasted nori & my favorite comfort food- a cube of stinky tofu (preserved/fermented tofu).
What actually might have cured my cold in addition to the porridge, nasal saline rinses, eucalyptus/sage steaming, lots of vitamins c might just have been chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting from VCTOW (to which I dressed in coconut flakes & crystallized ginger).
I guess I've been a little stressed out lately which is how the summer cold snuck up on me. Am in the process of figuring out the next couple of months & possibly renting out my apartment to get ready for closing on our new apartment. Anyway, being the creature of habit that I am- am starting to feel nostalgic about my place which I have only been in for 3years, but which I bought & renovated with blood, sweat & tears (have you ever spackled a ceiling- yes tears I say) and of course the help of family & friends. One of the things that I will miss is Booboo's litterbox hole. I had thought of cutting a hole out in the wall next to the closet (which was going to be my storage/utility closet) so I could put Booboo's box could be away and not so unsightly. My dear friend who helped me cut that chunk of concrete out of the wall has suggested that it be shaped like a mouse hole. I wrote Booboo's name at the entrance and she took to it immediately. Yes, after the wall was cut I wondered aloud if she would even go in there, but thankfully she did. Here's Booboo's special entrance complete with rug & painted kitty marker stone that SKO's friend's mother made which SKO had given me as a gift oh so long ago. Time passes so quickly. sigh.
The other night SKO & I decided to shut off the lights and watch the thunderstorm. It was so amazing, we then proceeded to take a million pictures to try to catch a pic of the lightning. Always a click behind the lightning, finally SKO gets this cool shoot, unfortunately, the rain on the glass is distracting, but still a great shot.
It's going to be a busy week- am heading off next week for a little work/vacation trip with SKO. Yes, there have been years where I went to St. Barth's and St. Tropez. Last summer, I took SKO & Grandma to Venice & Vienna. For SKO's Sweet Sixteen, I took her to Paris. This year not as glamorous nor as cultured a trip, but fun for sure, we will be going to Disneyworld. Yep, a vegan in Disneyworld- wish me luck. And so I plan to post one more exciting post before I head off next week- my next exciting post consists of a fun, first time meeting with a blog friend that you all know and love. Stay Tuned!


SKO said...


*does first comment dance*

Finally. :D

Anyway- sads that I am leaving! Only one week! :(

Curly's was yummy, and I heart bluehaired!you and pinkhaired!me.

Fcat does make amazing pasta...

Sads that we must leave the Booboo hole. :( <---too many sad faces!

Out of like 3 million pics, we get two lightning shots. But they're pretty cool, I must say. Even with raindrops and all.

And I am ridiculously excited for Disney. I cannot to wait. :D

Post soon so all may know of the dinner with the Unnamed Blogger that was last night. :)

Vegan_Noodle said...

Ah yes, I know the disappointment of looking forward to just one special thing ona menu, and then they don't have it. But two! man, that's bad luck!!
Fcat's salad and pasta dish look wonderful, and I'll bet your slow cooked pasta sauce was tasty.
That is such a cool little home for booboo, any plans to make something similar in yalls new place?
Have a blast in Disneyworld with SKO and enjoy your remaining time together this summer!! These are the kinds of things you will always remember...

Peggy the Veggie said...

Yay for restaurants that everybody can enjoy! :) Too bad about the tuna melt AND the shake, though.

Your quinoa porridge there looks very yummy and like perfect comfort food. I've never heard of stinky tofu, but it sure gave me a giggle there.

Village Vegan said...

I had no idea that Curly's is right down the street from TJ's-- I'm surprised that I've missed it all these times.

I'm in the process of moving right now, too, and i totally sympathize with you. It's so much more stressful that I thought-- i keep thinking "this is the last time I'll do/see x in nyc for a whole year". Scary! But I think you'll be just fine. When do you move into your new condo?

Anyway, have a fun vacation with your sister; it's so cute that you get to do all these things together.

veggie barbie girl said...

What a cool place Curly's looks like. Too bad, especially about the milk shake - that would have rocked.

stonielove said...

ooo, trader joe's goodies! i'll look for them when i go there next time. i love porridges, too! a quinoa porridge sounds really intriguing :) i don't love fermented tofu, but i can see how it can go well with porridges...

it's awesome that there's a place everyone can enjoy in your neighborhood!

VeggieGirl said...

oooh, those pasta dishes look divine - I too am a huge fan of the Tofurky® 'sausage' (I love the spicy "kick" of the italian Tofurky® 'sausage'). amazing lightning/thunderstorm photo!!

aTxVegn said...

Too bad Curly's didn't turn out the way you planned, but it looks like it all worked out. So true, that pasta looks fantastic.

I love Booboo's doorway - how creative!

I hope you feel better soon so you don't have to eat any more stinky tofu! Yikes!

Have fun in Disneyworld and I'm anxious for your next post!

urban vegan said...

I heart Boo's litter box hole....I would feel nostalgic about that, too, but who knows? There may be better holes in the wall to follow!

I am also a fan of TJ's masala burgers, but Fcat's salad looks like da bomb...

Curley's....I will have to try it. Never heard of it. So many great veggie restos, so little time.

Wondering who your blogger friend is....hmmmm.....we MAY be coming to NYC this weekend to visit a friend who is apt/dog sitting around NYU...

Theresa said...

What a gorgeous lightning photo. I think the water on the lens adds a bit of... je ne sais quoi!

As always, it looks like you eat so well in NYC. I'm jealous.

I look forward to finding out about the mystery blogger visitor, and have fun in Disney! Hopefully the sight and smell of turkey legs won't get to you too much.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

AH, I hate when something is unavailable, but I might have had a break down if TWO things weren't an option! What a bummer.

I dig the TJs Marsala burger too! Have you had the Dr. Pragers tex-mex burgers? I like them as well!

Cupcakes make everything better & that one looks lovely!

Try to enjoy disney!

bazu said...

That really sucks about the lack of suna AND the lack of milkshake- what the hell? Hopefully you'll get to try those things... eventually!

I love the photo of Fcat's lunch- truly elegant, and perfect for summer.

My two favorite images from this post? You and SKO's adorable drawing at Curly's, and the lightning shot- even harder to photography than fireworks!

I hope your sister has a fabulous last week in NYC, and that you guys have been staying dry in all the downpours!

laura jesser said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your Suna melt... it's frustrating when things like that happen! Curly's looks like a lovely place, though. Spectacular pic of the lightning that SKO took there... wow.

the bulgarian said...

So I don't usually leave comments, as you very well know from your little informant, a.k.a. your sister, but for this blog I could not resist.

(I was going to go in a negative direction with this comment, and say how usually throde SKO's figure stick drawings are from Curly's (although I have seen much worse), but this is my first comment and it shold be cute, so here is my cute, cheesy if you will, comment)-

I am so sad that you are moving because, although I have only been in your apartment for like 5 minutes :), I thought that BooBoo's hole in the wall was the coolest thing I have seen and I am sad that someone else will now enjoy it, or dare I say, patch it up!

Anyways, on a lighter note, I guess I enjoy your blog and I have recently started reading blogs, but I must say that I like your blog the best, and I am not just saying that because your my best friend's sister, but I think it is funny and well written, and lastly because now I know one other person that thinks it is ridiculous to wait in line for a Harry Potter book, but succumbed to pleas of the sad faced girl anyway- ahh yes I have fallen for that trick as well, but she now knows better and knows that I don't fall for the sad puppy eyes anymore.
So I hope you enjoy Disney together and I will remember to comment when I read your blog.

natalilly said...

I think the raindrops on the glass add a wonderful effect to the pic...puts us right there with you.

I love Booboo's mousehole (noticed I'm not the first to comment)! One day I want a house a la Bob Walker-style, but with even more crazy catitecture.

dreamy said...

Wow! The food really looks awesome! Your sis is really lucky to have a sis like you :)

Kati said...

I LOVE Booboo's litterbox hole - what a great idea! Have fun with your travels...and hopefully you'll get to try the soyshake and suna sometime in the future!

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