Friday, June 22, 2007

Unintentional Hiatus

Days and weeks just seem to slip by now that it's summer. Yes, I blame the lazy summer days for failure to, I didn't go on vacation- though Fcat & I are long overdue, but doubtful this year since we will have giant closing costs at the end of the year due to our lovely pre-construction condo purchase. We have both been so working hard yet, dreaming of cerulean blue waters, alas, not anytime soon. So we pretend...

At Mexican restaurants, over sangria & margaritas, we decide whether or not to stroll along the beach back to the hotel or take a taxi...hehehe...silly, I know.

A trio of delicious condiments, ranging from mild to slow-heat & fiery and it's actually the dark green one that can make you down a margarita to put out the fire.

Easy vegan dining on Mexican "vacations". Anything can be made without cheese, like yummy corn & epazote tacos with lime...
delectable pepper & onion taco...

Okay, back to the real world...the last couple of weeks have mostly been about figuring out what vegan meals to feed a picky, non-vegan young adult.

Tofu scramble with tempeh bacon & veg sausage patties-
Marinated tempeh, collard greens, mashed yukon potatoes-
Bbq Gardenburger riblets, spinach salad, corn & mashed potatoes-

Collard greens & apples juiced- not a huge hit with SKO-

Stuffed artichokes- delicious, but took forever to stuff, not sure if that will be repeated anytime soon.
Tofu Mcscramble with veg sausage pattie on pumpkin ciabatta-

Berry pancakes, interestingly enough, SKO will not eat regular pancakes, but did eat the veganized version-
Another meal at Gobo's, SKO's new favorite: Mango Protein- better than actual chicken!
My favorite meal at Dojo's- tofu hijiki burger platter with brown rice & the best carrot/soy dressing ever- a meal for one under $5. You can't beat it. They have tons of other good, but cheap eats- really popular with college students- located right next to NYU.

So far so good, my little omni sister likes her vegan meals. The craziest consequence of her eating all these vegan meals is that when she goes back to grandma's once a week, grandma makes sure she gets a plethora of meat at dinner. Her last dinner at grandma's consisted of three different dishes of pork, peking duck, a beef dish and another beef dish with vegetables. My grandmother has never made that much meat for dinner before, but she is on high alert to make sure SKO eats as much flesh as possible.

Speaking of flesh- last weekend, SKO, Fcat & I went to see Bodies, The Exhibition. It was completely & utterly fascinating. Everyone should see it if they can. The entire exhibition is comprised of real human cadavers- preserved through a special process that let's you see the entire human body. It's like nothing you've ever imagined. We saw muscles, tendons, organs still attached to the bodies, all the blood vessels in your chest suspended in clear gel minus the flesh, bones & organs, brains...simply amazing. A bit eerie at first & and if you are squeamish, take a deep breath, but once you get past the creepiness of the idea of bodies sliced & peeled open, it really gives you an appreciation for how magnificient our bodies are. How intricate, complex and beautiful we all are internally. It also reminded me to remind SKO & Fcat how human flesh looked just like any piece of ham or roast beef. I might have said that more than a few times, annoying I know, but I couldn't help it because seeing human flesh just reinforced that fact to me that flesh is flesh, no matter how you marinate or saute it.

Isn't SKO cute with her new sophisticated short hair cut? On a whim, she cut off all her gorgeous locks, which she will be donating to Locks for Love. And of course, in the picture with us, real cadavers in the background from the exhibit.

And Fcat & I in the flesh!

I also took SKO to LIC to see our new home & neighborhood to be!
Here are our new gosling neighbors:

Pre-haircut SKO with the Manhattan skyline...
Our new building to be...wish it was eco-construction & green...
On another note, I have been meaning to say how honored I am that Neva Vegan had listed me as an interesting blog oh so many moons ago when she was tagged to list a few interesting blogs. Her blog is always so thought-provoking & well-written that my little frivolous blog is honored to be noted!

Have a great weekend!


Neva Vegan said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me.

We're not vacationing this year either.

But at least you're getting a big benefit in the end. You must be pretty excited.

I have to say I'm afraid I'd be creeped out by the bodies. It would be interesting, but if it's too real-looking I might be really disgusted.

That's all beautiful food. Hey, just this week I made a soy sausage tofu scramble mcmuffin!!

I'm sorry about your sister and how your grandmother is cramming the meat down her throat. I know that after I became vegetarian my parents made sure to brainwash my sister so she wouldn't follow my example. It's like some kind of reaction against us going vegan I think. They want to keep reminding other family members how great it is to eat animals or something.

Sorry for that little rant.

I used to eat at Dojo's sometimes, but I think they have more vegan options now than they used to.

SKO said...
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SKO said...

We *yes, we are royal* like the vegan food vair much. :D You are doing a very good job of cooking for a picky girl...even with the Barley Green mixture.

Bodies was really to go with you and you-know-who (I can't say Fcat, it reminds me of standardized testing and ick). You two look so cute in the non-flash photo I took! And the picture of us with the cadavers (a.k.a our people) is cute, I guess. You're cute. :D

Keep on with blogging, keep on.

laura jesser said...

I heard about the bodies exhibit--it was in Atlanta a while back, and I couldn't bring myself to go. You're right, flesh is flesh... and I can't handle any of it!

I'm so glad your sister is enjoying her vegan meals, but so sad about your grandmother cooking all the excess animals to compensate. I just don't understand what is so hard to understand about not eating other animals, but so many people react like that. When I was over at my in-laws' house they were baby-sitting their 1-year-old granddaughter, and my father-in-law slammed a jar of puréed veal down in front of her, exclaiming that he doesn't raise people to become vegan! Incidents like this make me feel so hopeless sometimes... How do you hope that the world will change when someone close to you lashes out that way?

La Principessa said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I too really enjoy your blog. I'm a longtime vegetarian making the transition to vegan (almost there, too! I'm down to the little things, like finding makeup without stearic acid, bagels without whey, etc.), and I find your blog pretty thoughtful and interesting. Yes, I have a fashion blog, and yes, there is some leather in it, but there won't be new posts promoting animal products.

The vegan blogging community has been such an inspiration. Thanks!

VeggieGirl said...

such a great blog - I'm sorry about your grandmother forcing meat on your sister, but the fact that you are working to expose your sister to vegan-eating is a great thing!! don't give up!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tamara said...

Love the haircut! And it looks like you are feeding your little sis well. Take care. :-)

KleoPatra said...

Woah, mama, back with a vengeance!!! Love SKO's haircut. Super adorable....

Thank you for such a nice post here. There is so much to see and enjoy... the food is soooooooo good.

Also i want to tell you how nice it is to know your sister is able to eat compassionately with you. i'm sure your grandma means well, but... grrrrrrr! i can understand your frustration for sure.

And FYI your blog is anything BUT frivolous... You gotta know that!!!

No more long hiatuses, OK? i have missed you!

urban vegan said...

What a fun post. Glad to have you back--but everyone needs a blog vacation.

You are such a good big sister...Looks like SKO ate well. [BTW, I have the same exact eyeglasses as she does!]

You and Fcat are an adorable couple. I hope you enjoy your new 'hood. Looks like the neighbors are nice.

I love Dojo's hijiki burger, too (and their prices!)--but my favorite thing there is the steamed veggies with tofu and their special orange sauce. I could eat two servings of it.

Rage And Love said...

Well thank you for finding my poop cake lovely. I need to add you to my list of bloggies that I check up on.

Fab food by the way!

aTxVegn said...

I loved your pretend vacation - somewhere tropical is always nice. And your vegan food for your sister worked out really well. I think the cheap eats looked the best! Great pics of everyone.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Good to see you back to blogging! Looks like yall have had a fun summer! That must be so exciting waiting for your new place to be built! I didn't get to see the Bodies exhibit when it was here in Houston awhile ago, sorry to have missed it. All your food looks wonderful of course!

Rage And Love said...

so what consists of your asian muttness?! I love asian vegans :-)

do you have the orginal soundtrack of nightmare before christmas or the 3d version? you should hear marylin manson's version of "This is Halloween" it's really awesome!

bazu said...

I've missed you, VKO! It's so good to see you and Fcat and SKO having a fun time. I loved all your shots of the city- around the world in one day, that's what I like. Oooh, and I miss Gobo. Do they still have their papaya ceviche? That dish was to die for. I'm glad your sister is loving the place. As always, thanks for the LIC photos- I almost feel like I'm there in person. You'll get to walk to P.S.1 whenever you want once you're living there!

Melody Polakow said...

Wow.. what a great spread! Your sister is so lucky to be hanging out with you.. You two are adorable..

We saw the exhibit in Boston.. it was really interesting..

groovyinclinations said...

The food on this blog is just making me very hungry! My best friend is vegan. I'll be showing her some of these yummy looking foods and hoping to try them myself!

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