Monday, March 26, 2007

A Week In Photos

I have been remiss in my blogging duties and forgive the verbosity from the previous make up for the super long read last time, I give you a week in photos with extremely terse commentary:

Ethiopian Lentil Stew from Post Punk Kitchen, first toasting the spices-

grinding the spices-

toasting & grinding your own spices, fills your home with the most amazing aroma-

yummy finished stew of spices, lentils, peas, tomatoes & crusty bread-

a kind of bruschetta that I made with tomatoes, olives, onions, cashews and an eggplant that I smoked. I loved the flavor of smoked eggplant and never realized how easy it was until Bazu from Where's The Revolution showed us how

a banana split with cocoa fudge rice dream, cranberries & pistachio and Booboo thinking that it's all meant for her-

Here are the vegan cupcakes I made for a definitive non-vegan St.Patty's Day party- always the best way to show some serious meat-eaters that there are yummy, animal-free goodies-

basil chili vegetarian duck at a nearby thai place-

a tofu frittata made with vegan cheese, green peppers, mushroom alongside tempeh bacon and a mesclun salad with rasberries-

On the way to a shoot, right across from the studio is the interesting, but not sure that I love it...Frank Gehry's IAC building
Onto the studio...
Behind the scenes- hair & makeup...and in the right-hand corner, a little friend-

A few secrets for a successful photo shoot- good team, great lighting and extra hair for the models- real human hair...kind of creepy.

The photographer & his lovely dog, who does a great bunny imitation...
And as always, a big yawn- that's how the pups generally feel at a photo shoot- lots of sitting around and waiting....


bazu said...

I love this post- all the food looks yummy and sophisticated- plus the mix of glam. photo shoot action and adorable critters, perfect! I'm glad you fire-roasted the eggplant, it really tastes divine that way! And, where to start... mock duck rocks. Ethiopian looks great. Cupcakes = heaven. That fritatta and mesclun salad with -gasp!- raspberries makes me love that it's spring.

Urban Vegan said...

What a fab showcase of yumminess. Those cuppers would win over anyone. Good food is good food.

The "skin" on that mock duck almost looks a little creepy...but no matter--mock rocks.

So the puppy is bored with the world of high fashion? He is always fashionable in his basic black.

KleoPatra said...

Cool post! WAY COOL post! All that food and the sweets are especially lovely... interesting to take a peek into the studio! Neat.

Booboo's thinking: "feast, feast!" but 'twas not to be, 'eh? Well, can't blame a kitty fer bein' interested...

The ebony pooch is a cutie!!

springsandwells said...

fun pics!
the bruschetta concoction looks great. I've been in the mood for eggplant ever since seeing bazu's post.

Also, the Ethiopian stew looks neat. I love love love toasting and grinding spices. It makes such a huge difference!

I love when you include pics from your photo shoots - it's fun to get a little peek inside the world of high fashion!

aTxVegn said...

I love toasting and grinding spices. You're so right, it makes the house smell wonderful. I'm sure your stew was delicious.

The rest of the food looks beautiful too. I don't know where you find the time to make all these yummy recipes!

fcat said...

It’s been a hectic few days but when I read your blog I just smile! I love your pictures especially when Booboo sneaks in.

Your Ethiopian stew is no joke vko.

The kitchen in LIC is just perfect for us.

Anony-Mouse said...

Pretty pics; yummy-looking food. We're making cupcakes when I get up there. :D And cuuuuuttteeee doggie!

Ah, Monkey- eternal inspector of all things, how I heart thee. Hopefully she'll let you cut those talons soon- wild!Monkey is cute, but talonspluswild!Monkey is kind of painful.

Oh, by the way, I just started using the tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner we bought- you should definitely go buy. It's like Dr. B's peppermint scrub, but for your head.

Post again soon! :)

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