Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wandering Minds Still Practice Yoga

The work week had been so crazed that I hadn't been to yoga. Instead of being excited to get to class, my week long stress & consequent sloth made strenuous yoga the absolute last thing that I wanted to do in the afternoon.

But, instead of laying on the couch and polishing off Saturday's leftovers- the colcannon (inspired by Vegan Lunchbox, my own version with mashed yukon gold potatoes, almond milk, collard greens, mushrooms- topped with spicy candied almonds- which I also mixed the almonds with popcorn) and my own version of cracker jack minus the prize...

But no stuff my face couch potato afternoon for me...I actually dragged myself to yoga. Shall I tell you how glad I was that I went? No, it wasn't one of those times where you resist doing something, but then end up throughly enjoying it. No, I struggled through the class- it's amazing how stress weakens you.

I also found my mind wandering. Had to keep bringing my mind back to my breath and that's what I love most about ashtanga yoga- each breath corresponds with each movement and oftentimes you need to move faster into these pretzel positions because ideally one breath and next position...anyway, I normally really enjoy it and today, I did not- my mind was going anywhere and nowhere thinking about quinoa and it's high protein content, eggplant as a soluble fiber, peas just being plain yummy- none of these having anything to do with yoga...except wait, let's see if I can spin this one. Quinoa, eggplant, peas- these things which I had considered as food is tied to ashtanga's yama (moral code) and it's first concept of ahimsa - nonviolence. Ah, so there you have it- I was practicing yogic thought!

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