Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pure Love Pure Food Pure Joy

Yes another crazy week which is why I am only getting around to wishing all a Happy Very Belated V-Day! I should have posted on Tuesday which would have been Happy Pre-V-Day which is when the boyfriend and I celebrate. On principle and on bank account, we dislike the price-gouging that takes over when it comes to flowers and dinner...and also the day before Valentine's Day is the day we had our first date. My good man woke at the crack of dawn to go to the flower market and I woke to the most gorgeous two-toned long stemmed roses, a perfect start to the day! Here's a picture of them in my 'living room'- mind you I live in a miniscule studio...but I do have definitively sectioned 'rooms'.

Well, so moving onto the Pre-V-Day dinner at a place that we have wanted to try for a very long time, Pure Food & Wine. It's an organic gourmet raw food restaurant. We had experienced a great raw food cafe/juicebar sometime ago at Blue Green Juice Cafe and loved the the whole package of the raw food concept- organic, plant-based food heated no more than 118 degrees preserves all those nutritious vitamins and enzymes making it easier on your body to digest and delivering all that vital goodness almost immediately.

Located on picturesque Irving Place, Pure Food & Wine has a modern setting yet, still exudes warmth. The restaurant is all dark wood and deep magenta cushions, mood lighting and nice-looking wait staff. An ideal setting for the purely joyful experience of gourmet live food. Here are my photos though the lighting was less than ideal for photos and I didn't want to disturb everyone else's meal with the you might want to go to their website to see better pictures. Anyway, without further ado...

Napoleon of Black Trumpet Mushrooms & Bosc Pear
herbed cashew cheese, caramelized shallots, apricot riesling sauce- this was so creamy and rich, had a such satisfying mouth feel, gives you that 'can't believe it's raw' reaction.

Jerusalem Artichoke and Cucumber Dolmas
cilantro tahini, preserved lemon oil, fresh mint- this was my absolute favorite, it was so delectable, bursting with flavor and just so damn tasty, I tried to lick the plate...

Chanterelle & Kalamata Olive Ravioli
parsley, pistachio oil & macadamia cream- my pasta connossieur of a boyfriend loved it. It was absolutely delicious.

White Corn Tamales with Raw Cacao Mole
marinated mushrooms, tomatillo cilantro salsa- they were beautifully presented and I liked it, but I would have preferred more salsa to lighten up the tamales. Boyfriend declared the mole sauce extremely complex, smooth & flavoful.

Orchid Trio of Ice Creams
umeboshi lemongrass, chamomile tamarind mangluck, green tea cardamom pistachio- this was okay and very creamy being made from young coconut, the umeboshi was the least favorite flavor. Whatever the mangluck was- it was good (some kind of thai basil/seed). Was also interesting to have some tiny greens with the orchid sauce- that was refreshing. We had wanted the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake but they were all out of it. So maybe we didn't give the ice cream the proper chance because we had been fixed on chocolate cake...but the ice cream was my least favorite of the evening, but it was still good.

The portions were on the smaller side, but I was full- boyfriend could probably have used another entree...but the flavors were wonderful and tasty and they had a full wine & cocktail list. It was lovely evening and we had a great time.

Raw food may not be for the faint of stomach nor for the faint of pocket- suprisingly raw food preparation is extremely time consuming ( I made a raw meal of eggplant manicotti with sauce from Living Cuisine, The Art & Spirit of Raw Foods which was a lot of work but delicious!) and since you should use the best organic produce, it can really add up.

I think back to the days when one might go for fabulous sushi or have caviar & blinis and splurge for a special occasion. Pure Food is our new special treat place and it was money well spent (well, I mean boyfriend's money well-spent because it was his treat!).

We emerged from our little cocooned corner in the restaurant, happily satisfied and vitally renewed- snow was still falling and the world seemed more alive.


Urban Vegan said...

Looks like you had lovely pre-V and V days. What gorgeous flowers to light up your already sun-soaked apartment.

That meal looks fabulous--I'll have to try Pure Food & Wine one of these days.

Sadly, Phillly doesn't have a raw restaurant (There is one in a nearby suburb that I've been meaning to try) I have been "raw curious" for awhile. I have several raw foods cookbooks and have dabbled...but it's the kind of cuisine where I'd rather be the consumer than the cook--at this point, anyway.

Happy New Year--and good luck during your dinner. Take heart with the fact that you can eat with a clear conscience. Enjoy your weekend!

runswithdog said...

OMG, those flowers look absolutely out of this world stunning. What a nice image to wake up to.

Thanks so much for the visit, the comment and the link to my blog. I will definitely add you to my blog roll. I find your posts fascinating, especially your work related ones. My daughter is attending FIT right now as an art management major.

I am putting Pure Food & Wine on our 'to eat out' list next time we head down to visit her.

the anony-mouse squeaks again! said...

What pretty roses. And what a pretty tray. ;)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Got your vair vair cute e-card and was going to call but got too busy.

Your dinner looks really good. Like, really good. Those pictures make me hungry... you know, I had the most random craving for those vegan chicken nuggets the other day...and we went to this sushi place and I had red bean ice cream and thought of our moshi-eating-movie-watching-summers. Can't wait till summer. And Happy New Year! :D

stellarjoolz said...

Happy belated V-day and Gong hoy fat choy. I'm taking phonetc license on the latter. :-)

What a sweet Francois! Those flowers are ab gorgeous. That's a great shot of your *ahem* living room.

Mmmmmmmm...your V-day dinner looks quite tasty. It looks tastier than I thought it would. I had this vision in my head of 3 pieces of julienned carrots, 4 pieces of peas and 2 brussel sprouts. Just kidding! Seriously, it looks way yummier than I thought it would.

bazu said...

I've missed so many new posts on your blog! Those flowers are so gorgeous. I'm drooling at your Pure Food and Wine meal and photos. I definitely want to go there for a special occasion soon.

To answer your question, YES, I went to sacred chow and had the tempeh reuben. Thank you SO much for bringing it to my attention. My friend Tony had gone there the night before I got in, but was kind enough to go with me the very next day. I can still taste that darn reuben...mmmm.

I hope we can meet one day when I'm back in the city. Or if you come upstate! Hey, maybe a field trip to Farm Sanctuary... =)

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year. I'm so sorry that you had to look at that poor suckling pig. But as Urban Vegan said, your conscience is clear.

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