Monday, February 12, 2007


This morning, I worked on sourcing some new models for upcoming shoots via phone while placating clients via email, then went to yoga at noon- relaxing my mind while strengthening my body, met my boyfriend for late lunch at Agra- eating for sustainance while sustaining my relationship, then came home and dangled mouse on string for Booboo while dealing with a Hollywood agent who spoke to me in a disparaging manner and dangled me on a string as we finalized plans for my clients & shoot a celeb for a charity project shoot which is really thinly veiled advertising- (oh did I mention that I had to find a celeb to do it for free?), managed my feelings on being peeved by agent and managed to start production for said shoot while managing a paper ball for Booboo to chase, had some leftovers for dinner while catching up on recycled news on CNN, and now writing a post while dreaming about sleep.

Multi-tasking and run-on sentences that was my Monday.

Booboo is also good at multi-tasking. Note the pink thing in the corner of the picture as she grabs the camera cord...Now see the pic below where she has the colorful toy in her mouth with the metal hanging out while still holding onto the camera cord...
Ah yes, we all multi-task in our lives, even the kitties.


Urban Vegan said...

Wow--somehow your multitasking seems much more glamourous and important than my multi-tasking. But regardless of what tasks you're juggling, multitasking still stinks. ;)

BooBoo is so adorable--she reminds me of a lion with that mane

an anony-mouse said...

A cute comment for you:

[insert cute, witty, all around fabulous comment here]


Yes, I know that wasn't the cutest thing in the world- that's the cat - but it was pretty damn close. :D

stellarjoolz said...

Genius multi-tasker, you do it so well. That's why you are great at what you do. However, as Urban Vegan says, multi tasking still stinks. I must say, I enjoyed this post very much. I imagined you with four arms, juggling booboo, the phone, lunch, idiot agent, dangling mouse and boyfriend. You know my imagination, I literally pictured you with four arms juggling all that madness.

Saving the best for last. BOOBOO LOOKS SO FREAKING CUTE, I CAN'T STAND IT. The first picture has to be the cutest picture EVER!!!!! To think, I wondered why John was all over Booboo the other night, he must've been seeing Booboo exactly as she is in that picture. Yeah and she knows it.

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