Friday, February 2, 2007

Isn't There a Moral Obligation to Discriminate Against Stupid Comments?

Models - a species of great height, blessed cheekbones and facial symmetry, I happen to encounter them all the time because they are my business. Contrary to stereotype, most models are fairly intelligent, and in over the ten years of being around them, I can only count on one hand the number of models who are not quite so bright...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy as far as my castings have gone and it was bound to happen: today, I met one of the model sub-species,
modelus idioticus. Now it's been many years since I took Latin in high school, but I believe that is Latin for model who is dumber than a bag of rocks.

Well anyway, the girl shows up at the casting wearing a full length fur coat. I try to stay neutral and avoid looking at that monstrosity ( I mean the coat, really...) because I am keeping the semblance of professionalism and trying to refrain from a making an antifur comment. I present her to the clients. We look through her portfolio. I take some polaroids/digital images of her and we make some small talk- ty
pical and we almost get through this...then she puts on her giant fur and was heading off to the airport for Miami. The client mentions to the model that she won't be needing that coat down there. Modelus idioticus responds that she will at least get to show it off giggle giggle.

Okay, not such a terribly idiotic statement to some, but why would one ever assume that everyone in that room would be impressed by her coat of misery and pain? Actually what impressed me was the idea of how many small creatures were skinned alive or anally electrocuted just for her own vanity. So the moral of this story: Never assume that people are impressed by your coat of carcasses. Just because they are staring- doesn't mean they are coveting your fur, sometimes they are staring because they are disgusted by your selfishness and lack of thought.

I think that I shall never cast that model for a job. I would just rather not put more money in her hands that would most likely end in her buying
more fur. Is that discrimination? Most certainly. Do I care? Nope. Of course I know that I have and will cast other models that wear fur, but just not this particular one with her thoughtless comment. Just as she chooses to wear fur and say something silly, I choose to not pick her...Then there was the time, a girl was so stupid that she didn't realize that she was backhandedly insulting the photographer with her comments, well she never got chosen again either.

It's been an overwhelming week of work but my boyfriend & yoga have kept me grounded...that's not to say I didn't absolutely breakdown once...but for that, there's Booboo. She is pure sunshine & light!


Urban Vegan said...

Sometimes, I like to assume people wear fur because they are uneducated. It IS so frustrating when people don't even bother to CONSIDER where their coat or their food came from, or where their garbage is going. Can people really be THAT self-centered?

I had a similar incident at work last week. I admired a woman's coat--b/c I was SO ABSOLUTELY SURE it was FAKE lamb. Boy was I wrong.

"It's real, you know," she said. [She knows I'm vegan.] I gasped in horror. She said "I don't have any problems wearing fur or eating animals." I told her about the anal eletrocution. She was unmoved and said that minks were pests (We live in a large city!). I just blurted out, "I can't believe you don't think it's frivolous to kill animals for fur." Then she spat out, "How DARE you insult my ancestors. My great grandfather was a furrier."

"I don't even KNOW your ancestors. Fur is just not necessary--especially in this day and age," I said. I just walked away, angry to think that she is merely a synecdoche for many, many people. When I really think about this woman, she is very cold, scientific, and does not make freinds easliy. Most people at the office dislike her. I realize that she is too emotionally closed up to feel empathy for people or animals. Ditto the model.

Long story short--I think you made a wise decision.

Is BooBoo your cat? I had a cat named BooBoo--she died at age 19 two years ago and I still miss her.

Sorry for the rant!

vko said...

Hello urban vegan!

I appreciate the rant- it's good to get it out! And as for your co-worker, she definitely has no empathy. I dare say that she might be a sociopath, who by definition lacks the ability to empathize which is why she probably doesn't have any friends.

As for the model, she actually was very sweet- obviously young and clueless and wrapped up in conspicuous consumption...she can probably be educated and rehabilitated. Your coworker on the other hand should probably just be skinned...

What I don't understand is the people who have pets that still wear fur. Before I got Booboo, I had never realized or given much thought to animals and the feelings they have. So you are right, I was uneducated. Even after, Booboo, I still had fur because I didn't think about it- then I saw a tv commercial late at night that showed a mink in a cage. It had fear in it's eyes and I saw Booboo in a cage. That's when I donated my cur to Coats for Cubs and started talking to all my fur friends about the horror and slowly, slowly, three have given up fur and two others have promised no longer to buy.

And yes Booboo is my beloved cat! I can't believe your cat was named BooBoo! I am so sorry for your loss- you are so blessed to have had her for 19years! Are there any pics of her on your blog?

Feel free to rant anytime!!

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

There are many girls in my high school who think fur trimmed coats are stylish, and they usually start to gag when I mention anal electrocutions.

As for your question on links, to add a link use this code:

Where it says URL, copy and paste the complete url (text inside address bar, starting with http://)

Then where it says TEXT YOU WANT LINKED, add the text you want people to click on.

You need to add the code into the html mode when posting (not the compose mode), or else it will actually show up with brackets instead of links. This is because every symbol (<, >,♥,♣,♦,♠ etc) has its own code code (starts with the & symbol) This is confusing to understand if you dont know anything about html, but its nothing to worry about. When I posted the < and >'s on here, I had to use the code because if you put a complete html tag, it will show up as a link and not the code for it.

I hope I helped and didnt confuse you any more. I definitly think you have gotten off to a great start!

If you need anything at all, you know where to fine me :)

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

When I said:
You need to add the code into the html mode when posting (not the compose mode), or else it will actually show up with brackets instead of links. This is because every symbol (<, >,♥,♣,♦,♠ etc) has its own code code (starts with the & symbol)

I should probably explain this a little better, lol.
When you add things in Compose mode of Blogger (the one that automatically is there, where you type your posts), it recognizes brackets (<,>) as what you want your viewers to see, NOT as html tags that you want to work. To get into the html mode, click the tab that says "Edit Html". Then you can enter in the code, and switch back to compose mode to see it.

There is also a way to add links without having to do it manually. Highlight the text/image you want to link, and click the botton on Blogger that shows the globe with a link on it. The type in the url of the site you want to link to in the popup window, and voila!

That is certainly the easiest way to add a link, but you will need to know the HTML if you want to add links to something without an HTML editor in it.

Hope it helps, any q's just pop a comment on my page!

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